Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Tin Box by Holly Kennedy~★★

Author: Holly Kennedy
The Tin Box
Release Date:
September 22nd, 2005
Forge Books

Book Jacket: "Growing up, Kenly Lowen endured a life shaped by a widowed alcoholic father who made it clear that he never wanted her in the first place. She emerged from childhood determined to find happiness. Today, at thirty-one, Kenly has a husband and a son who mean the world to her; it's the kind of life she's always dreamed of having.
When her closest childhood friend dies, Kenly is given an old tin box they once shared---a tin box they hid on the roof of a tree house fourteen years earlier. Inside is a secret she has kept for years. Revealing it could end her marriage and shatter her world, but can she continue to shoulder the weight of years of silence?
Kenly's is a story of heartbreak, tragedy, and hope. In a small town filled with hidden treasures, young Kenly discovers people who change her life. From terminally ill Tommy, who loves her, to old Max, who shows her that a fire pit is sometimes the best medicine, to edgy Lexie, who believes life should be lived, The Tin Box will take Kenly on an unforgettable journey. The decision she finally makes will test the ties that bind people together against a wound that could tear them apart.
The Tin Box is an achingly beautiful novel of one woman's desire to save all that she loves while honoring the past that made her the woman she is."
Taryn's Review: This book was incredibly predictable and predictable books are not fun for me to read. Very early on one can figure out what was happening and how the story was going to play out during the course of the book, thus causing the book to lose much of its appeal for me.

The main character, Kenly, was also the brattiest, most selfish person when it came to the handling of her pregnancy. Not only did she take it upon herself to not tell the father of the baby that she was pregnant, she fully let another man take responsibility for the child. Her reasoning for not telling him that he wasn't the father? "He already told his family," was the excuse Kenly used later in the book. Throughout the book, Kenly was also still in contact with the baby's father, always telling him how much she loved him. How much can Kenly honestly love him to keep that kind of secret from him, especially since the man was terminally sick?

My other rant about the book was when Tommy, the baby's actual father, passed away years later. He made a video for Kenly before his death letting her know that he was aware that the child was his. Yet Tommy didn't berate her, didn't yell, didn't really do anything other than leave advice for his son. He claimed to still love Kenly despite her actions. So sickly sweet and unreal.

At this point, Kenly decided she must tell her husband, the man who believed he was the child's father, that he was not. This was the man that had raised the child for 14 years as his own son and never deserved to be hurt in that way. Kenly had already kept this secret for so long, why tell him now? There really was no clear reason for Kenly to go and do that (especially since Tommy was dead now...he obviously wasn't going to tell), but she does. She had the guts to ruin their lives, but couldn't do it 14 years earlier when Ross, her husband, could have easily walked away or at least made the choice on his own to stay. Ridiculous.

And of course, the book wouldn't be complete without a stupid twist of sorts. After Ross left to think things over, Kenly was in a car accident. At the hospital she found out that she was miraculously pregnant! Ross was told years ago that he had low sperm count and probably couldn't father a child (yet he never questioned the child as his own), so how perfect was it that Kenly would get pregnant right when Ross was debating to leave her?

Kenly was portrayed throughout the book as the victim, but after she made her poor decisions, she was nothing but selfish in her actions. Kenly had no idea what love was, or for that matter, how to be a decent human being. I would never call this a "feel-good" book as the cover screamed. Kennedy is an average writer, but there was nothing spectacular about her style. Pass on this one for your own sake.

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