Saturday, January 2, 2010

Flies on the Butter by Denise Hildreth~★★

Author: Denise Hildreth
Flies on the Butter
Release Date:
April 8th, 2008
Thomas Nelson

Book Cover: "Rose Fletcher's come a long way from her South Carolina up-bringing of Sunday church and Mamaw's fried chicken. As a high-powered child advocate in Washington, DC, Rose has put her Southern upbringing behind her. But the peace and happiness she sought has eluded her. With her marriage on the brink of disaster, her mind races with the chaos her life has become.
But now Rose must head South for home---a place where the mother she headed north to escape still resides.
She'll face her demons, relive her coming-of-age, and confront the issues that kept her away all these years. It'll take the intervention of strangers and a painful miracle of grace to help her find that place called 'home' once again."
Taryn's Review: I really struggled to finish this book. A great example of my struggle was emphasized on the back of the book: upbringing was spelled two different ways in the first two sentences. These inconsistencies common in the book, too. It lacked any real flow and was wretchedly cutesy while trying to be serious.

Rose basically is "messed up" because of something her mother did (the author doesn't say until the end). But many of her flashbacks are of wonderful memories, which gets you wondering: what was so terrible? And because of her "messed up-ness" Rose lied to her husband Jack, a man who adored Rose beyond belief, about wanting children and continued to take her birth control to prevent pregnancy. Rose had engaged in an affair with a senator, all the while Jack still loving her unconditionally.

On her trip home to see her dying Mamaw (grandma), Rose met two different women: a Lily and a Daisy. Really. Some preacher in a random church knew Rose's old best friend when Rose stopped to sit in the church. And finally, some old lady in the hospital creepily knew what is going on with Rose, gave Rose advice, and Rose has an epiphany and was finally awakened to her own life! When Rose returned to thank said lady for her advice, the old lady had already checked out the hospital since her cancer had magically disappeared! Sure.

I could have done without reading this one. I'm sorry I wasted time on it, really. I was intrigued about what Rose's mother had done to Rose during her childhood that was so awful. When I found out, I wasn't shocked. In fact, it was ridiculous because Rose became exactly the woman she loathed, her mother, through her selfish acts. My opinion on this book is to skip it.

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