Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Booky Wook by Russell Brand~★★★★

Author: Russell Brand
Title: My Booky Wook
Release Date: November 15th, 2007
Publisher: Hodder and Stroughton
Genre: Non-Fiction

Book Cover: "Russell Brand's scandalous reminiscences were always going to have a literary flavour. But nothing you've heard him say on stage, radio, or TV can prepare you for the impact of this beautifully written memoir.
From his troubled childhood in Essex and his addictions to drink, drugs, and sex, to his giddy rise through the world of entertainment, this is not simply a story of fame but of redemption, achingly and hilariously honest throughout.
Russell Brand is a comedian, journalist, TV and radio presenter and actor. He has won numerous awards including: Time Out's 'Comedian of the Year', 'Best Newcomer' at the British Comedy Awards, 'Best TV Performer' at the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards, 'Most Stylish Man' at GQ's Men of the Year Awards and the Sun's 'Shagger of the Year.' This is his first book." 

Taryn's Review: Firstly, I must comment on how odd it was that my small town library had the British version of this book! How that happened is beyond me. Secondly, this book is most definitely not for the faint-of-heart or those who are very conservative. I first learned of Brand while watching the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall; if that kind of raunchy humor doesn't do it for you, avoid this book at all costs. A good precursor for book is the dedication page, where Brand wrote, "For my mum, the most important woman in my life, this book is dedicated to you. Now for God's sake don't read it."

I found myself laughing out loud at much of Brand's commentary in the book, as well as his explanation for many of his antics. Brand has done some atrocious, hideous things in his past, no argument there. He also was addicted to heroine, alcohol, and sex starting in his late teens and throughout the beginning of his entertainment career. Some of the things Brand talked about will make your stomach turn. You will be absolutely disgusted with him at times. But he does make it very clear that he was not of sober mind during most of his antics. I have read some reviews where people say, "Oh he just blames it on the drugs!" Well, I mean, isn't that what drugs do to you?

The real oddity of the book was that Brand seemed so intelligent. I've seen him in several interviews and he's always very charming and uses a very extensive vocabulary. The same demeanor was presented in his book. I was fascinated by his obvious intellect. In an interview with Chelsea Handler, I even had to look up a word he used (acerbic was the word if you're interested in knowing my poor vocabulary skill level). Brand was often reminded by teachers that he would amount to nothing. He was kicked out of 2 acting schools, and fired from almost every professional job he had due to his erratic behavior from the drugs. But it seems he has learned a lot from his experiences and, in fact, has been sober now for something like 8 years.

If you enjoy Brand's type of comedy, no doubt you'll love his book. He's quite witty and is very lucky to have had the people he did step in and get him in rehab. His retrospection was poignant at times, but other times your jaw will hit the floor with some of the things he participated in.

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