Sunday, May 8, 2011

Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews~★★★

Author: Mary Kay Andrews
Title: Dish Deep
Release Date: February 24th, 2009
Publisher: HarperAudio; Abridged Edition, read by Isabel Keating
Genre: Fiction

Audio Book Cover: "Chef extraordinaire Gina Foxton doesn't expect anything to be handed to her on a platter. After years of hard work, she's now the host of her own local Georgia public television show called Fresh Start, and she's dating  the show's producer.
But when her show gets canceled---and she hears about her boyfriend's being in flagrante delicto with the boss's wife---Gina realizes that she's meant for bigger and better things. The Cooking Channel is looking or its next big star, and Gina is certain that she fits the bill. Trouble is, the execs alos have their eyes on Tate Moody, the star of a hunting, fishing, and cooking show. Little does Gina know, though, that she and Tate are soon to embark on the cook-off of their lives, spiced up by a little ingredient called love."

Taryn's Review: I had fun listening to this book because as I've said before, I love cooking and eating, so the setting of the book really intrigued me. The story began in Atlanta, Georgia, and Gina was the main character. She was modeled as a younger version of Paula Deen but with "healthy" Southern recipes (lol, who wants healthy Southern cooking? Give me cream and butter!). I think, once again, had the book cover not given away that Gina's boyfriend had an affair, that would have helped me as a reader connect to Gina and her emotions of the break-up.

I liked Tate Moody's character and his cooking show, which surprised me in a good way. What I didn't like was how unclear it was to me that Tate and Gina had fallen in love with each other. When they started saying how they felt, I was shocked. When did that happen? I don't know if the author was going for a love-at-first sight angle, but if so, it flew over my head. When Gina threw herself at Tate looking for a good time, it hardly sounded like love to me, but apparently for them it was (so the book said!).

Listening to books makes it hard for me to go back and check things, but I'm fairly positive I caught a mistake. Gina originally ended up giving a ride to Iris, twin of Inez, and while taking her home, they converse and become acquaintances. Tate ended up borrowing items from Inez and talking with her. Later, Gina found out it was Inez who helped Tate out. I only remember this because when Iris was talking to Gina, she told Gina that Inez was older than her and in my mind, I told myself that Inez came before the name Iris alphabetically, so it was fitting that she was older and was given that name (I never said my mind worked normally, lol!). Anyway, later in the book when Tate and Gina are out together, they talked about how the twin sisters helped them, but it seemed to me the author mixed them up. Gina talked about how Inez helped her during the competition after Inez realized that Iris had helped Tate. In reality, Inez helped Tate and Iris helped Gina. If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me. Again, I don't have the book on hand and I don't have time to skip through the CDs right now.

Overall, this passed the time well. After the climax with the Cooking Channel, the book became terribly cheesy. I almost turned it off and I harshly rolled my eyes at the last line of the book due to the cheesiness of the cooking show name! I'm going to call this book a nice little beach read, but unfortunately for me, the way the book played out in the end really turned me off from the story. I think had the author ended the book sooner and not had Gina become obsessed over something so trivial when she supposedly had found the love of her life would have made the book end on a high note.

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