Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Chocolate for Two by Maria Murnane~★★★1/2

Author: Maria Murnane
Title: Chocolate for Two
Release Date: April 9, 2013
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Genre: Fiction

Book Cover: "Waverly Bryson’s life is officially perfect: She’s engaged to her gorgeous boyfriend, Jake; her Honey on Your Mind TV segment is more popular than ever; and Waverly’s Honey Shop is growing by leaps and bounds. What could possibly go wrong? For starters…everything.
This is Waverly, after all, and drama follows her wherever she goes. Why should her trip down the aisle be any different? Now, before she can marry the man of her dreams, she’ll have to go head-to-head with his high-society mother, whose vision for their wedding isn’t exactly meshing with Waverly’s. Adding to the chaos is the impending departure of Paige, Waverly’s very pregnant retail partner; the arrival of her suddenly secretive best friend, Andie; and the meddling of a new TV producer who’s promising to “shake things up.” Suddenly Waverly’s perfect life feels like it’s about to come crashing down…unless the irrepressible Miss Bryson can prove to the world—and to herself—that she really can have it all."

Taryn's Review: This was a fast read for me and I was really engrossed in the story, especially since it was the last book of the series. The four books, Perfect on Paper, It's a Waverly Life, Honey on Your Mind, and this book were a really fun collection to read. I was interested to see how Murnane ultimately wrapped up the story of Waverly Bryson.

Near the end of this book, I was taken aback by how quickly the central issues were resolved. I actually felt as if the obstacles placed in Waverly's way were realistic, but then *poof* they were gone just like that and easily rectified. For all the thought and dialogue that went into dealing with all the commotion around Waverly, I was honestly surprised most not by how nicely everything cleaned up (I mean, that was to be expected!), but by how effortlessly it seemed that the issues were fixed.

Overall, this series was a fun way to pass the time. I didn't have to put too much effort into reading them and they absorbed my attention easily. I think Murnane developed Waverly really well and Waverly seemed like she would be a fun person to know and hang out with. I always looked forward to Waverly's commentary on her own life and the world around her. I will definitely miss new adventures of Waverly!

My biggest pet peeve in the series would have to be Waverly's relationship with Jake and the character of Jake himself. I do wish that there would have been more rifts between the two (especially since they were long distance for so long) and that more of Jake's imperfections would have been discussed, especially since Waverly often pointed out her own flaws when she compared herself to Jake. The last book tackled the idea that Waverly and Jake's mother didn't see eye-to-eye on the wedding, yet Jake felt surprisingly absent from the issue except for random comments to his parents here and there. Jake obviously could see that Waverly was stretching herself thin to accommodate his mother, but he did very little to actually help Waverly alleviate the stress from that or prevent his mother from adding to Waverly's workload.

If you're looking for a book that provides fun and funny entertainment from a spirited young woman, this is a great collection to visit. I think giving a chick-lit fan this series would make a great gift. They are wonderful books to take to the beach, on an airplane, or just snuggled up with on day when you want to escape your own surroundings.

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