Friday, February 27, 2015

The Single Woman by Mandy Hale~★★★1/2

Author: Mandy Hale
Title: The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass
Release Date: August 6, 2013
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Non-fiction

Book Jacket: "Mandy Hale knows the single life because she's living it. And 500,000 Twitter followers enjoy her wisdom on the joys, the possibilities, and the humorous pitfalls of being a single woman. 'Stop inviting people who don't celebrate you to your party!'; 'Love shouldn't require Windex to be clear. It either is or it isn't.'; 'Stop looking for a hero, and become one instead.'
The Single Woman will remind you that life's too short to be waiting for Prince Charming to rescue you. After all, the real fairy tale is designing a life that's so amazing that you don't want to be rescued from it at all."

Taryn's Review:  One day as I was googling quotes for something that has now escaped my mind, this book came up a few times in my search. I looked at the title and thought, "Well...I'm single. I'll give this book a go." A quick library request had this book in my hands just a few days later; I was excited to jump into it and see what exactly Mandy Hale had to say about being a single woman in today's world.

This book was not what I had anticipated it to be. My lack of research regarding this book was evident because I had no idea that the content of the book was heavy with Christian-influence. For people who are Christians, I'm sure the religious aspect of the book won't be an issue, but I'm not one who was looking for God and Jesus in my quest for advice/inspiration regarding singledom. There are a few Biblical quotes scattered throughout the book and Hale often reminded the reader that God has a larger plan than the eye can see and a bright future ahead for the single gals. There are plenty of readers who will connect to that message, but for myself, it wasn't an area that I anticipated or honestly even wanted in this type of book.

I'd say this book is best for the newly single ladies who have a Christian-oriented foundation. When you open the book, there is a gift page with fillable blanks for someone to give the book as a gift, and after reading it, I think the book's purpose is to be a gift for the broken-hearted woman who has found herself reeling from a breakup. The idea of being comfortable, even proud, of singledom is something I applaud Hale for advocating. The book is simple, sweet, and short, which is perfect for someone who is hurting. Sometimes Hale rhymed in her content, which I guess was intentional but it felt a little cheesy to me. I think her advice was motivational, yet it still seemed slightly elementary, but for the newly single, that's probably best since many women might be reading the book with foggy post-breakup brain.

For ladies like myself who have been single for a while, I don't think this book offered up anything new or life-changing. Most of us who have been on the single train for a while are comfortable with our status and even, dare I say it, proud of our accomplishments as single women. While I'm no stranger to self-help books and have a non-secret love of them, I wouldn't necessarily pass this book along unless I had a Christian friend who was struggling after a breakup. Honestly, one of my favorite self-help books is The Seven Levels of Intimacy by Matthew Kelly and I'd recommend that book to anyone in any stage of life. Kelly's book is one that I return to occasionally and feel completely in awe and totally inspired each time I read it, but the same is not to be said of Hale's book for me. The Single Woman will be great for some readers, but it wasn't my cup of tea.

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